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Happy Holidays from Southshore

Winter in South Beach is amazing. I barely wear a jacket. Having spent eight years in Wisconsin, I appreciate rainy winters. At least with rain, you don’t have to shovel it. So, from my happy little home in Southshore, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. -Angela

Close to nature

Growing up in Indiana, I’ve been down with nature most of my life. I grew up in a very small town of 200, and that was seven miles away. I was raised in the woods and I expected nature on the West Coast to be much the same. It’s not. In the city limits of […]

Great Retirement Community

I’ve learned a lot about Newport in the last year. My concerns about moving to a location that seemed small and remote have long waned. My husband and I love it here. We can’t imagine our life anywhere else. There are many opportunities for retirees. One of them is the 60+ Activity Center. Recently, I […]

Model Home Trends

Are you looking for a model home feel? Here are some tips to bring your home up-to-date.

LOTS of Potential In the Heart of Newport

What would you do with three contiguous lots in the downtown Nye Beach, Newport? You can let your imagination soar because the possibilities are extensive with this property. That’s because 654 NW Coast is a mixed zoned property; it can be used for commercial or residential, or a combination of both! And, in a town […]

The Greenman’s grand-nephew is a great quarterback!

In Newport, I always say there are two degrees of separation between you and anyone else (yes, even Kevin Bacon). Two degrees puts me in contact with the star quarterback for a Pac-12 team – Justin Herbert. This is Barb and Ken’s grand nephew! To be honest, I don’t know much about football. However, I […]