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Reasons I Love Newport, Oregon by Angela Pieti

I moved to Newport, Oregon in the fall of 2017. My husband and I bought our house from the Greenman’s. When the offer went in, I had never seen our house in-person or even visited Newport. Risky? Maybe. However, there hasn’t been one moment that I’ve regretted moving here. I’m thrilled that the Greenman’s have […]

New Website !!!! – Greenman Properties

With the help of a technical cast of thousands­čś│, Greenman Properties has launched their new website. Special thanks to Lisa Andrews and her crew for delivering a quality product. They were professional, informative, and extremely patient with those of us that are technically challenged. We would also like to thank Anne and Mark Olinger, of […]

We survived the eclipse!

A full eclipse occurred across the U.S. this morning, and we were lucky enough to have clear skies to view this magnificent event. In Newport, Oregon, we experienced 100% obscurity at 10:15 a.m. The temperature dropped several degrees during obscurity, and it was semi-dark. People from our neighborhood and beyond shouted and clapped during the […]